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“Shalom Creatives is an incredible ministry that promotes healing through art at any and all levels. Everything they do is extremely intentional and thoughtful. I am so grateful that a ministry like Shalom Creatives exists to bring healing and hope to so many!”   ~Courtney Green, Love Heals

“As I began working with Amy, I learned that my heart would be well-cared for, my thoughts held safe, and ultimately I would deepen my understanding of myself. Amy is easy to trust. She listens so well and asks curious questions. She can see things in her experience and wisdom that I can’t see. Each time we work together, she helps me to self-discover. She leads me to make excellent applications for what I process with her in a session. Amy cares about the growth of others. She is a confidant with discernment and grace. I’m so grateful for the time she’s given to be used by God to aid in my healing journey.”   ~Creative Coaching Client


"Shalom Creatives offers a unique blend of spiritual growth and creative expression. The Leadership Art Circle is so much more than an art class; it's a journey of self-discovery and spiritual enrichment. The collage creating session was beautifully orchestrated, intertwining scriptural insights with artistic expression.

Amy, the facilitator and leader, is not only skilled in art but also deeply rooted in her faith, providing guidance that was both practical and spiritually insightful. The emphasis on creating art as a form of worship and reflection was particularly impactful to me. It allowed for a hands-on approach to expressing our faith and innermost feelings. The atmosphere was one of acceptance and encouragement, where each woman's artwork was celebrated.

What makes this ministry so necessary is its focus on nurturing the often-overlooked creative aspects of our spirituality. This world can often drown out our passion to create, the Shalom Creatives Leadership Art Circle offered a safe place to reconnect with God through the beauty of art."   ~Annie Lambert, Author and Blogger


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