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Women Leading Beyond the Church Walls

Shalom Creatives Leadership Network empowers women leading and serving as bridge builders between their communities and churches. Our Network includes pastors/chaplains, nonprofit leaders, business owners, spiritual and wellness leaders, creative arts leaders and more. Virtual gatherings for Network members take place the second Thursday of the month at 1 p.m. (EST).

For free in-person support (Central Virginia), check out our monthly Leadership Art Circle

Women Collaborating for Impact

When leaders enter spaces beyond the church walls, they learn to expect the unexpected as ministry takes on whatever form is needed to love and care well for people. The needs are bigger than leaders can meet alone. Shalom Creatives Leadership Network offers a sounding board where leaders can process their ideas and dreams and find new connections and resources to help them live out their mission.

Women Connecting for Support

Women leading beyond the church walls often lack space to share the blessings and challenges of non-traditional ministry as they follow the Holy Spirit into uncharted territory. They often lack peers who will speak courage into the risk, truth into the unknown and friendship into the loneliness. Shalom Creatives Leadership Network connects leaders for peer support and friendship.

Women Creating for Shalom

Many women leading beyond the church walls lead out of their own healing journey which sparks redemptive work in their communities. Creative exercises whether through art prompts or the art making process help leaders to reflect, unwind and realign with God's heart and desire for them. Shalom Creatives Leadership Network uses creativity as a pathway to shalom so leaders can lead from a place of wholeness in heart, mind, soul and strength. Curious? Let's talk! 

Join Shalom Creatives Leadership Network today and receive access to the virtual gatherings, peer support, leadership encouragement and more!

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