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On the Couch

Trauma Recovery Doula Support Services

Nurturing and support for a woman's healing journey

Healing from trauma is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding, journeys we will ever take. It is filled with many ups and downs as we break old, familiar patterns that no longer serve us while creating new pathways in our brain that lead to lives we want to live.

A Shalom Creatives Trauma Recovery Doula can walk alongside you in your healing journey and offer:

  • caring, confidential, non-judgmental support (whether it’s emotional, mental and/or spiritual),

  • a listening ear as you navigate the hard and often messy places in between therapy sessions,

  • gentle accountability, encouragement and resources to help you maintain your recovery goals, and

  • coaching and healing art exercises that help you explore your expanding toolbox of healthy coping skills so you can keep moving toward the freedom and wholeness you desire.

Trauma Recovery Doulas also celebrate the big and little steps you take toward healing as they understand the sheer grit and courage required to take that next healing step in your journey.

Support may look different depending on what is being processed, so a Trauma Recovery Doula works with each client to find the best way to be a hope-filled presence along the healing journey.

Faith-based support options are also available as Trauma Recovery Doulas guide women toward wholeness in their heart, soul, mind and strength as this is foundational to loving God, loving others and loving yourself.

Contact Amy at Shalom Creatives to see if we might be a good fit for your healing journey.

*Please note Trauma Recovery Doulas are not therapists or medical care providers. Trauma Recovery Doulas do not diagnose mental or medical health conditions, nor do they prescribe medications or take the place of professional healthcare providers. However, Trauma Recovery Doulas may round out a client's treatment team by providing non-medical support services in full collaboration with the client's therapist and/or other care providers.

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